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Ayska penetrated into the realm of pharmacy with its niche products of cardio- diabetic segment and a desire to make a meaningful difference in the walk of life. The company has a distinct vision to expand its footprint across pan India and emerge as a commercially viable leading pharmaceutical company in providing quality products affordable to all sections of the society.

We are committed to deliver innovative solutions to patients with our products and make healthcare more accessible to all. Our mantra is to improve health care outcomes and win the trust of people across all categories including employees, doctors, patients and also our business partners.

We envisage to be among the top pharmaceutical companies in India by being customer driven and employee centric. Since employees are key to our success, we focus on the voice of our employees by encouraging their ideas, innovation and free-flowing communication. Our employees feel a connection with the organization and have a strong sense of identity at work. And this is because we nurture a culture where ideas and challenges are received positively. We trust our employees in decision-making which makes them feel respected and valued. We believe that a company grows when its employees grow.


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